My First Week As A Graduate

Ruth Mollett is one of our new Graduate Platform Developers, here she takes some time out to describe how her first week with tombola went!


I recently joined the tombola team as a graduate platform developer for tombola Arcade. My first week was busy and engaging from all points academic, professional, and social, but was overall relaxed and enjoyable.


The first day consisted of a tour around the offices with a brief introduction of who everyone was and what they did, followed by a group daily, which was to discuss what everyone on the team was working on. The remaining parts of that day was a general setup of the PC with installations and downloads of required content.


The following day, I was given targets goals I was to aim for through the next few months, which gave a very solid sense of direction and things to work upon. I was then assigned a task to do, which was both a way to learn the language and conventions the team uses, as well as being productive in the long-run.


There was a presentation delivered by one of my co-workers, describing what he was working on and how it could benefit the company – this was eye opening and inspirational, and was great to see so many of the platform developers in attendance and asking questions.


The rest of the week was the general signing of forms and meeting new people. We had an orientation, which detailed more about the company and what is expected of us. It was great to talk with the other graduates and play the games that we will be working on.


By the end of the week, I was working on my own task and learning as I go. I was always encouraged to ask questions and for help if I needed it – the team didn’t expect an industry expert straight out of University, which was a huge relief to hear. Everyone in Tombola makes you feel welcome, both the team you work with and everyone else within the company. The Chefs always address you by name (and their food is great!) and you are rarely alone at lunch.


When I first came to Tombola, I didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t this relaxed and casual atmosphere with such friendly and welcoming people. I have never felt so settled into a place so quickly before and I am very pleased to work here – hopefully for a very long time!

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sam says 2nd March 2017

great article

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